The Aurora Centre of Excellence offer a wide range of safe, effective and proven treatments, reaching the highest levels of patient care and delivering outstanding results.

The consultation is the first stage before any treatment starts and is relaxed and informal chat to discuss your desires or problems you are occurring. The process will be a working partnership between yourself and your technician and you will be offered the opportunity to discuss your preferences at every stage of the consultation.

We can assure you there is no pressure selling or misinformation given by false promises, the Aurora Centre of Excellence gives you a solution to achieve confidence with no worry or upset. Our team of specialists will create a unique treatment plan offering a number of options depending on your circumstances. A permanent solution may not always be the best solution, so the Aurora Centre of Excellence have created a extensive range products which can be found online or at our Kensington clinic.

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Welcome to The Aurora Centre of Excellence

A centre dedicated to patient care and procedural excellence, based in a discreet clinic in the heart of Kensington, London. Ace also works in association with a prestigious centres across the country.

We have selected a team of leading experts from the medical, aesthetic and cosmetic fields who work in harmony, using cutting edge safe products and techniques.

Our rage of treatments are unique and diverse and supported by our on-line shop, featuring a bespoke collection of hand picked post procedure and must have products.

We understand what people WANT and we can cater for what people NEED! From semi-permanent eyebrows to save sometime time in the morning if you have a busy lifestyle, to semi-permanent eyebrows to re-create balance and symmetry after accident or injury.

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