Photograph taken by Daniel Regan for Finishing Touches.

SPMU Model Discount

Aurora Centre of Excellence are proud to be linked to our sister company Finishing Touches Group. Finishing Touches are a training school for Semi Permanent Makeup and we are currently looking for models. Our newest member of staff Miami is in need of 10 models to complete her case studies. If you are interested in […]

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3d lips

Kiss without a trace – SPMU Lips

Sometimes we can lose the definition, colour, balance or shape of the lips due to age or other factors. Depending on your preferences, our treatments can offer fullness, definition and restore lost colour to your lips. As always, all our semi-permanent makeup treatments aim for a natural look and we will match the colour palate […]

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Welcome to The Aurora Centre of Excellence

A centre dedicated to patient care and procedural excellence, based in a discreet clinic in the heart of Kensington, London. Ace also works in association with a prestigious centres across the country.

We have selected a team of leading experts from the medical, aesthetic and cosmetic fields who work in harmony, using cutting edge safe products and techniques.

Our rage of treatments are unique and diverse and supported by our on-line shop, featuring a bespoke collection of hand picked post procedure and must have products.

We understand what people WANT and we can cater for what people NEED! From semi-permanent eyebrows to save sometime time in the morning if you have a busy lifestyle, to semi-permanent eyebrows to re-create balance and symmetry after accident or injury.

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