Semi-Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows

Wake-up with Semi-Permanent Make-up

Eyebrows frame the whole face and having the right shape and colour tones to achieve warmth, depth and expression is important. Eyebrow treatments are the most popular semi-permanent make-up procedures. The finished brow we can achieve is moulded to suit the client’s natural attributes and features; we can create a deliberate, defined eyebrow style or, using the natural brow and flow as a template, a less defined, softer look.

Clients who can benefit from this procedure include those who suffer from conditions such as alopecia, cancer and the results of chemotherapy, trichotillomania, lupus or those who have simply lost their hair from over plucking, hormone related diseases, stress or accidents.

Aurora Centre of Excellence always aims to create as natural looking result as possible. The result we aim for with our procedures is a subtle, daily ‘no make-up’ look, enhancing our clients’ natural beauty.

Choose from :
Natural Brow
Suitable for clients with little or no hair or brows in need of reconstruction.
▲ Brow Enhancement
Suitable for clients with natural medium or thick eyebrows in need of a
fuller look.
▲ Golden Brow
Suitable for fair haired clients who are looking for a very soft result.
▲ Powder Brow
Powder effect for clients in need of a fuller brow.

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