Scalp Micropigmentation

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The Aurora Centre of Excellence offers several different types of micro-pigmentation for male and females, depending upon the hair style and extent of hair loss.

If you’re considering options like hair transplant surgery, hair systems or concealers, these are ways of achieving hair however at the Aurora Centre of Excellence we work with leading surgeons and clinics, helping you make the correct choice. We like to give our clients options and our treatment may not always be the best solution, so we will cross refer ensuring you receive a treatment you will be proud to show off.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the creation of hair follicle simulation which creates the look of real hair on the male or female scalp. This can be either to give the appearance of shaved or short hairs or add density to thinning hair. It’s achieved by strategically placing colour pigments to replicate the follicle base on the scalp.

Female Scalp
We are finding a greater interest from ladies regarding scalp procedures, most of our customers are concerned about lack of density of their hair.
Thinning hair can be caused by many causes such alopecia to hormone displacement after childbirth or simply years of pulling of the hair.
Using the 32 shade colour system we can find the right density to use to add a visual improvement in the specified area.
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Male Scalp
If you’ve just started thinning or have already lost most of your hair, Scalp micropigmentation will work for you giving a confidence boost. Scalp micropigmentation is the solution for those that suffer from pattern baldness and have lost a lot of hair. By creating the follicle look throughout all of the balding areas, a client can achieve the look of a full head of short-cropped hair immediately and regain confidence!

Male Scalp Scar Camouflage
If you’ve had a hair transplant and are unhappy with the visibility of your surgical scar, scalp micropigmentation can help conceal it. A large percentage of scalp micropigmentation clients seek the treatment to help camouflage strip and FUE scarring associated with prior hair transplants. Many times these types of scars can be very visible and limit hair style options for the individual.
Our team can delicately deposit pigment into the scar tissue and surrounding area to help blend out and diminish the visibility of the scarring. By accurately matching colour and creating the look of follicles inside the scar, many clients can expect up to an 85% improvement in the appearance of scarring.

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